Keyboard Repairs

Here at Inner Sound, we see our fair share of keyboards in for repair. With age and use things break down and that is why we are here for you. We have been repairing the major brands for as long as they have been around. We are a warranty repair station for the major brands. What this means is that we can quickly and reliably get parts for Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio, Kurzweil, Nord and many other brands of keyboards.

Our head keyboard technician is Ron Page, and he has been working on keyboards for 13 years, and working here for 5 years. The simplest repairs are soldering cracked power jacks. They experience wear and tear over time and they become loose then bust. This makes the power intermittent and when the problem worsens they won’t turn on at all.

Other common keyboard problems include broken keys, settling keys, bad displays and weird tones. Broken keys are a mechanical issue and we see most keys retailing between $8 and $20. Settling keys are often the result of usage, with compressing felt or gouged keys being the source. Some of the old Yamaha’s are the worst culprit of this because the metallic springs cut out grooves in the plastic. Some of the Korgs are prone to felt compression. Display issues are something that can happen to any digital piano. Many of the boards are plug and play once you get inside the keyboard, so the labor will end up being lower, but the parts will cost more. These can be some of the most expensive repairs.

On all keyboards we charge $100 at drop off. This is our estimate fee and is applied in full towards the cost of the repair. For many of the larger, professional style keyboards this is covers assembly and disassemble. For some digital pianos it takes even longer to dissemble.