CD, DVD and Blueray

Our entry into this market began with the first CD players to ever come out.  We started working with the Sony Redbook from its initial release, and we still repair all CD players to that same standard.

Common repair:  Unfortunately lasers fail.  The average life of a laser is about a decade.  Many lasers were made by Sony (they co-invented the product), with a few other brands that created their own product. Loading belts fail (Hello Sony 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 disc players!) We can help.

Unfortunately for most “CD-Recorders” the original parts are no longer available, and overseas “copies” of these parts have an extremely low success rate.

Parts for DVD players were never around for long as they were eclipsed by Bluray – and (you might have guessed) those parts were also short-lived as prices on consumer hard-drives plummeted.

Bottom line: we generally don’t service DVD or Blu-ray players.