Keyboards and Digital Pianos

Here at Inner Sound, we see our fair share of keyboards in for repair. With age and use things break down and that is why we are here for you. We are a warranty repair station for many major brands. What this means is that we can quickly and reliably get parts for Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio, Kurzweil, Nord and many other brands. Well, not always “quickly” since the world of Supply Chain Disruption has become the new norm.

Our head keyboard technician has been working on keyboards for 20+ years now, and is well versed in broken power input and headphone jacks. They experience wear and tear over time, or 1 quick step on a cable can break a jack.

Other common keyboard problems include broken key or settling keys, intermittent key-strikes (hard or soft) or bad displays / failed output. Broken keys are a mechanical issue and most brands have parts available (some of the older models are left with “used stock” as the factories have run out of new keys). Some of the older Yamaha keyboards have nicer metallic springs that eventually cut out grooves in the plastic, and older Korgs are dealing with age-related felt compression. Many of the boards are are simply dealing with erratic keystroke issues – the dreaded “key contact” issue. Key contacts are like brake pads, some last for years and years – your mileage may vary.

On all keyboards the minimum estimate fee is $125, and is applied in full towards the cost of the repair.

Please note: we care currently only offering service on electronic keyboards – no “stand-ups” or “baby grand” styles (many keyboards have a few screws that retain the legs & pedal boards – so if the legs can be removed – we can likely work on it). Please call to verify your brand; units from Technics and Ensoniq are not serviced due to lack of parts.