The below rates are our minimum evaluation fees for each repair category. The evaluation fee reflects the amount of time that it takes for our technicians to diagnose what is causing fault with your unit, parts research and manufacturer feedback regarding updates / upgrades, all associated phone calls etc.

$100 for most audio gear.  This includes most: basic receivers, 2 channel amplifiers, cassette decks, single play CD players, single play turntables (non-linear tracking & changer style ‘tables are slightly more), tuners, equalizers etc. All repairs less than $175 will be completed and tested before calling for pick up – if the repair exceeds $175 or if a required part is on backorder we will call to let you know.

$125 for vintage “silver face” HiFi, small mixers, keyboards, professional audio units including powered speakers, and any consumer gear that takes additional time to diagnose (like linear-tracking and changer style turntables – even if the changer spindle is not in use the mech is more complex and will need to be cleaned & re-lubricated in order to begin basic troubleshooting).

$175 for large mixer consoles (please call for scheduling).

$75 rush service. Rush repairs not only place at the front of the line, but the paperwork is top priority throughout all steps of the repair, including any parts ordering or phone calls that need to be made. This is ideal for anyone dealing with a time crunch. Be sure to note that all repair timeframes are dependent on the possibility of necessary / proprietary parts – if there is a part delivery delay we will let you know as soon as possible.