Home Stereo

Inner sound 36 years of diagnostics and component level repair. We have progressed with audio technology. From vinyl to reel-to-reel, DAT, to cassette, CD, to the full digital integration with all sources we have learned and updated our service. We are fully qualified to work on all HDMI units.

Today we are proud to be major warranty service providers for McIntosh, NAD, Integra, Yamaha, Harmon-Kardon, Onkyo, Parasound, Arcam and many other major home stereo brands.

We are comfortable servicing receivers, amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, pre-amps, speakers, subwoofers, cassette decks, cd players, turntables (record player), radios, and reel-to-reel. Whatever you have playing we will be happy to discuss repair options to get your home stereo system working to your satisfaction.

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