Warranty Repair

warranty aprovedWe get many questions on how a warranty repair gets processed. This page is here to let you know.

We strive to make warranty repairs as smooth as possible for you. What do we need when you drop the unit off?
1) The unit itself.
2) Bill of Sale that shows the dealer, your name, and date a of purchase.
3) The remote if the unit has one and any proprietary power supply (wall-wart).

What do we not need?
1) The AC cord. We have more than enough
2) The carton & packing materials. We simply don’t have enough room to store everyone’s cartons.

Once the unit is received it will go through the normal backlog, then we will proceed with repairs. If we need parts they will be ordered, and if the order is verified as on “Delayed / Back Order” we will notify you. You will be called as soon as the unit is ready for pickup.

Guitar Amplifiers: All manufactures of guitar amps have a limited warranty on tubes. Most are 90 days – so if you need ANY service beyond 90 days that is tube related, neither the parts nor the labor is covered by the manufacturer. Your salesperson probably already covered this when offering an extended warranty.

Powered Speakers: JBL Pro and Mackie do not warranty blown speakers. Speakers that have some form of manufacture defect (shifted magnet, rubbing) are covered by the warranty.

Keyboards: Many Korg keyboards only come with a one year warranty unless the unit is registered with Korg, in which case the warranty is extended to 2-3 years, depending.

Extended Warranty: The extended warranty sold at Guitar Centers (Asurion) is a great investment if you plan on using the units hard. Did your unit fall off the back of a truck? They’ll cover it. Some coverage is for tubes past the previously mentioned 90 days.