Shipping Information

We are the regional service center for many brands and the authorized service center for most brands.

For units covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we must have a copy of the bill of sale. This can be enclosed with the unit or emailed to us.

For units not covered by warranty, our estimate charge is our minimum labor charge (which is applied fully toward the repair).

Please call or e-mail with any specific questions

If you ship a unit for us to repair:

  • Complete the “Service Information Form“. Enclose a copy with the unit. Keep a copy for your records.
  • Package the unit VERY CAREFULLY. Insure it for full value.
  • Do NOT use packing peanuts. The dust can damage the electronics, create shorts, and cause additional failure within the unit.
  • If the unit is not covered by warranty, please enclose a check for the estimated charge or we can call you to collect credit card information.